The strangest thing happened today when Doraku and I stopped in Ironforge to re-supply before heading back out into the wilds.

A human shouted me down while I headed towards the gryphon master. A human. I can count on my fingers how many Humans I have exchanged names with since departing Kaldorei lands, yet this one shouted across the Great Forge as if he knew me!

The little Human ran right up to me, calling me his wife!! I still am uncertain where the man learned my name, let alone managed to match it with my face but he swore up and down that he knew me!

Again, I have met a scant few Humans in my time. Certainly many joined us at Hyjal, but to me they were faceless soldiers concealed by all that armor on the battlefield. As a Ranger, I didn’t exactly mingle with Loderon foot soldiers! Those that wander into Ashenvale, up to Darkshore, or Teldrassil itself are rarer still. Barnabus and that mage child were a curiosity for that.

This Human went on to tell me we were childhood friends. That we exchanged letters and that’s how we fell for one another. At this point, all I could guess was the man was deep in his cups yet nothing of his manor hinted at any recent drinks.

All in all, it was a peculiar meeting I rather not repeat. Having strangers claim such a bond with you is unsettling at best.

Though, most peculiar was Doraku’s reaction. He seemed all but crestfallen about the whole thing, needling about never telling me I had been wed.

The nerve of him! Why in all of Azeroth would I bind myself to a Human in such a way??


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