📓 OOC: Questionnaire

1: What race does your character belong to? Kaldorei

2: What clan/family does your character belong to? Everstar family

3: What class/profession is your character? Hunter, LWing, Skinning. ICly, NE Outrunner in Ashenvale currently wandering Azeroth on random missions.

4: How would you describe your character's appearance Lean build, more muscle in the arms and thighs. Looks like she had a tumble through a bush half the time with dirt smudges on clothing and the occasional twig stuck in her hair. hair pulled back in a messy ponytail with half still down around her neck. No care for her appearance when on missions, basically.

5: What is your character's primary motivation? Keep Kaldorei lands safe, purge all Orcs and Demons from Azeroth.

6: Who is the person your character trusts most in the world? Kyran, her lion companion. Doraku is climbing back up  there as he's an old family friend.

7: What is your character's greatest strength: Patience. Be it when tracking, waiting for a fish to bite, or holding her position before letting loose with a lethal arrow shot. Evira has learned to be patient.

8: What does your character think of social norms and laws? The Kaldorei laws obviously make sense. Arcane magic shouldn't be trusted and demons are a blight on Azeroth. Other races bemuse her, but she tries to respect their curious customs.

9: What is your character's opinion of their race? Kaldorei are obviously the superior race, ignoring that whole sundering thing... Evira doesn't like to think about that.

10: Is your character in a relationship? Nope.

11: Does your character have any prejudices? Anyone dealing with demons is not to be trusted, all Orcs are abominations from another world, mages are people to be wary of unless they're taking care to mask their magic use from the Burning Legion, Undead are an affront to nature. the Light worshipers are silly, but charming in their own way.

12: To whom does your character owe the most loyalty to? The Kaldorei and anyone who protects nature.

13: What are your character's favorite and least favorite things? Fishing, tucked away in the wilderness with Kyran beside her and the quiet of nature is Evira's favorite way to waste time. She's not one for parties,fancy dresses, large crowds, or alcohol any longer

14: Does your character have any recurring mannerisms? Being utterly oblivious to her state of dress. She's prone to reach for Kyran's fur to stroke when stressed or slips into avoidant behavior.

15: What are your characters emotions and how do they display them? Overall, Evira is friendly and open to fellow Kaldorei and curious of the other races. She's mostly bemused by all of the other Alliances races, how childish they appear in their mannerisms and desires. It's endearing to her. On the other hand, being in Horde territory or near Horde members makes Evira anxious and trigger happy. She rather pelt an orc full of arrows than give them a chance to attack.

16: How would your character handle a subordinates improper behavior? General disgust at the out of bounds behavior then immediately reporting the incident to a higher up.

17: How would your character be described by their parents? "An honorable ranger of the Kaldorei. She has shaped herself into a fine woman these past few eons, shucking the frivolous ways as our people did. Evira hasn't fully found her niche, but we expect Elune will guild her to her true calling soon enough."

18: What is your character highest ambition? Currently, Evira has had a taste of the world outside of her sacred forests and wishes to indulge fully in that.

19: How religious is your character? Evira fully believes in Elune, but will tolerate the blasphemy of lesser races. They're simply confused, that's all.

20: How will your character die? Most likely in a bloody skirmish on the battlefield in Warsong Gulch, if we're being honest.


Comments are meant to be in-character.
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