It was a novel idea, inspired by reading Alcmene had done while in Northshire Abbey. It would take a lot of work, and a lot of people from different disciplines, but she could do it. She knew she could.

With a few copper to her name, and a handful of new friends, she set out to try and form an organization with a primary goal in mind. She needed to develop a way to bury the dead that necromancy and plague could not penetrate.

She worked her hands to the bone, plying the skills she'd learned over her life: healing, tailoring, enchanting, cooking... she earned her money coin by coin. She put forth the effort to found a guild, naming it the Grave Diggers in the hopes of finding others with her aim. She found them, people of many disciplines, young students of fallen heroes and more. It took weeks of planning and experimentation, money spilling down and seemingly wasted on the process she imagined could be invented.

And then they succeeded. It took a specially annointed and crafted casket, with blessed ground around it. The casket needed to be warded against penetration while an enchanted charm would keep the earth around the grave from being disturbed by corruption. Left uncontrolled, the undead would avoid it for fear of their own destruction. When controlled, the undead would find the grave more trouble than it was worth, more likely to move on to easier prey rather than bother spending the time and effort.

Now it was a matter of getting the word out. She had to find more people she could teach the process to. She needed strong men and women who could help her dig these specialized graves. She needed warriors of spell and blade to destroy already risen undead so they could ensure they couldn't rise again.

It was hard work. Dirty work. Work that had to be done at night while the conditions were right. It was work that had to be done, to protect the Alliance while it slept.


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