The Grobbulus Times has been in turmoil in recent months, which has regretfully resulted in a lack of the coverage and news we have been known for. Claims had been made against Grobbulus Times properties, as well as legal action taken against members of the press corps as well as the very editors themselves. As a result a series of hearings with the magistrates of various capitals and interventions of powerful entities have left the fate of the paper in limbo. Even that would not have been beyond our ability to recover from at the time, if not for the sudden and mysterious disappearance of our very own Necro. Clandestine meetings and a turnaround had seemed possible. Hope flowed from these actions. Just as the lawsuits and injunctions were flowing in, we lost the heart and soul that guided this newspaper. Key officials of the paper were drafted and tragically lost or have gone missing in action due to the heating up of the war campaign. Properties and equipment were seized. It was not until we were mercifully rescued from financial dissolution that a recovery was even possible. It is with this that we must make an announcement.

The Grobbulus Times is under new management, and while the disappearance and ultimate fate of Necro is still being investigated by authorities, the remaining assets and rights of the Grobbulus Times were mercifully purchased en-masse by our new benefactor. It is with this that we wish to dedicate ourselves to all the same standards of transparency, well-sourced, and unbiased coverage of world events and politics. It is of paramount importance that there be a reliable and effective voice in the world for those seeking rock, solid, facts. To this we owe the foresight and financial acumen of Stormwind's Xaxdorei Cartel, Headed by Fayanna Steele, who have dedicated their support to this vital information-sharing organ of the Alliance, and indeed the whole of Azeroth. With such support, there will be a new era of hard-hitting news, fact-driven investigation, and peerless coverage worldwide. To this end, we're hiring new reporters and taking reader submissions for potential publishing in these hallowed pages. If you're an incorruptible sleuth with a supernatural knack for the written word, you could go down in history as one of the great reporters for the Grobbulus Times. Please contact the editor for potential employment or to make submissions.


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