🗞 The End of an Era

With today’s merger between the Grobbulus Times and the Steele Xaxdorei, the legacy left by Necro has all but faded from the minds of Azeroth’s denizens. The once powerful sorcerer has been missing since early February, after a brief return from a lengthy sabbatical to arrange the terms of contract for his business’ sale. Necro announced his leave of absence late last year after a scandal broke alleging the man to have connections to the necromancy sects recently outed within Stormwind. These allegations prompted weeks of protest outside the business mogul’s manor calling for his resignation. Links between Necro and these cults remain as of yet unverified.

This scandal was the culmination of a series of dark dealings, with Necro seemingly at the heart. Rumors swirled of the sorcerer toying with the dead to provide employees for his businesses, with eye-witness reports of large crates delivered to the gates of The Grobbulus Times estate, seeping a foul odor. Past employees report a constant stream of necromantic paraphernalia arriving to the offices, quickly whisked away from prying eyes. As the days wore on, Necro was seen less and less in the public sphere even as pressure to explain himself mounted. The business mogul’s plans to expand into Kalimdor were halted as he announced his leave of absence, prompting the hungry eyes of rival organizations to begin prying into his doings. So far only the Steele Xaxdorei have managed to procure a slice of the estate, though that has not stopped others from trying.

As corporate lawyers scramble to find similar profit, rumors of Necro being spotted deep within the Wetlands have been circulated. Reports of strange lights circling distant campfires and grotesque effigies burning at all hours are given from nearby settlements. No official sightings have been confirmed at this time, though that has not stopped would-be fortune finders from trekking into the swamp in hopes of finding the disgraced sorcerer. City officials are promising a portion of the estate to any citizens that can provide information leading to his whereabouts.


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