Another set of fliers have descended upon the streets of Stormwind and Ironforge – this time promoting an odd journey to the Kaldorei capital. They document a supposed plan to vacate the two cities and occupy Darnassus for a weekend, proposing that Stormwind will “get a full top down cleaning” and Ironforge will be “rented out” while the citizenry is away. Signed by notorious dwarf Gonebald, the flier can be found stapled to trees along hidden paths, barely clinging to the sides of mailboxes, taped to the backsides of unaware passersby, and mostly just flowing with the wind through the streets.

The dwarf has previously been known to plaster strange advertisements across all the land, promoting all manner of endeavor such as Azeroth world tours, sacking the Undercity, and a rally at Astranaar. I had the chance to ask a few citizens on the streets what they thought of this latest plot and its well-meaning author, providing a mixed bag of answers. Replies such as “why?" and “what dwarf?" were commonplace, though many seemed to enjoy the idea of taking a tour of the elven city.

The plan outlined advises to meet at the Ironforge throne room before leaving together towards Menethil. A ship has been chartered to provide transportation for all would-be sightseers across the Great Sea. Specific instruction is included in the handout, attached below.


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