It was a resounding success last weekend as the new Stormwind Councilor, Salem, presented in cooperation with Stormwind business owners and organizers the ‘Night Market’. Advertised as an opportunity to promote wares and small businesses within the city, crowds poured into the district to partake in shell-games, purchase exotic drinks and share in conversation and good company. Even a new regiment of Guardsmen were present to keep the peace in the bustling evening scene.

With spirits high and money flowing, praise was given from all those involved and catapulted Councilor Salem into the public eye after her rather quiet appointment to the position in the wake of an equally quiet dismissal. Already, it is being asked when the next Night Market will be held, and there is talk of making the event a monthly occurrence within the city. Given recent grumblings and middling approval of City Council’s actions within Stormwind, one can only hope this is a sign of things to come and an indication of improvement from our elected officials.


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