Some weeks ago, Grobbulus Times had reported on the murder of several Stormwind citizens and subsequent escape of rogue warlock, Niktar of the Obsidian Sun Company. A collective sigh of relief was breathed when this fugitive was recently captured by Justicar forces on the fringes of the Capital. However, in a strange turn of events, it seems no charges would be pursued or punishments levied on the alleged murderer.

Interrogation revealed that this maleficar was one of the most unfortunate kinds of warlocks; one whom had been completely consumed by the demon he had made pacts with. Sources inside the Justicars reported that there was long conversation on whether it was safer to execute the man, or attempt to save him from his own folly. Eventually, in a daring and risky ritual conducted at the seat of the Light’s power, the Cathedral of Light itself, the latter of the two options was enacted.

Though few but those necessary for the exorcism were present, it is known that Niktar has been sighted around the city unguarded, and reportedly of good health, leading one to believe the exorcism a success. While the families of those slain cry injustice and demand consequence, the Justicars remain resolute in belief that the man cannot be blamed for the action of the demon who had overtaken his senses. Only time will tell if this former maleficar can make good his second chance and become rare example of successful purification, or slip back into the darkness as he had already once before.


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