The wave of gnomish protests over labor concerns which have plagued supply lines across the front have finally been put to rest, but not with any payoffs or usual tactics. Xaxdorei Cartel representatives, in cooperation with the Marshals of the War Campaign, shocked the business world today with an announcement of labor camps once more being opened in the wake of ongoing conflicts. Pioneered by the Grand Marshall of the Azeroth War Campaign Ulfrinn Ashbeard, funded and staffed by mercenaries of the Steele Xaxdorei, this move is stated to be in response both to the crippling lack of supplies making it to the frontlines, and an overabundance of Horde prisoners of war in wake of crushing victories in Stromgarde and Arathi.

“The Alliance’s noble history has seen repeated use of captured prisoners as workforce,” Stated Fayanna Steele, head of the Cartel here in Stormwind. “A way for the enemy to be used proper and contribute, rather than being a needless and wasteful drain on supplies.” Though the location of this camp was not disclosed, it is purported to be situated safely behind Alliance lines, and capable of outputting much needed armaments and gunpowder for military use. This has raised outcry with several independent arms-suppliers and traders, who have argued that the allowance of what is effectively slave-labor is a grossly unfair advantage in an incredibly competitive market.

Responding, Marshal Ulfrinn of Clan Hammersong said, “Bah, unfair you say?! These be times of war; we don’t be having the leisure of time and fairness! We only be needing one thing right now and it’s not fairness; it be weapons!” Though Clan Hammersong is so far the only known group of the Azeroth War Campaign to fully embrace this new approach, rumors persist that others on the makeshift council have endorsed the methodology, unnamed members of the Obsidian Sun Company commenting their support for the new influx of supplies. The Xaxdorei Cartel has stated that, once more Marshals sign contracts in agreement, it intends to create and staff a further three camps to fully keep up with ongoing demand.

“Our camp is peaceful, its occupants kind.” Finished Boss Steele of the Xaxdorei. “The Cartel, of course, conforms to all standards of fair and humane prisoner treatment outlined by Alliance policies. It’s our hope to encourage more to agree to our generous terms, and enjoy all the benefits and produce these labor-camps bring.” Time will tell whether this endeavor remains as profitable as all signs seem to indicate, or if we are looking at the prelude to similar losses of life which plagued the last great war’s use of such camps.


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