The analogy of scalpels and hammers is indeed tired, but it holds true in respect to the endeavors of those who would keep Stormwind City safe for us. The Justiciars, whose name was made a household favorite by their efforts against the flagrant and abominable excesses of one particular warlock, are the logical and necessary answer to what the Stormwind Guard, through little fault of their own, are unable to contend with. Numerous as they might be, the watchmen have not contended with demonic forces and true, fundamental evils like the Justiciars have. Each member is handpicked by the ambitious mastermind of the force, Bigsby Wallace, whose beginnings as an agent against destruction lie in the last stand of the Silver Hand in Lordaeron. I was fortunate enough to have words with him, to pose questions to him.

Those who would safeguard us should be known to us. To that end, I went to meet with the man once again and pick his brain about this nascent order.

Banholt: "How many of you are there? Do you worry that there's too much ground for the few of you to cover alone?"

Bigsby: "Justiciars? Currently, there are four of us, but I've still others I want to reach out to. I think keeping the forece small will give us more autonomy and more reach. Quality over quantity. The stakes are high in this line of work."

Banholt: "But you wouldn't refuse the help of others when needed, would you? You didn't bring down Jarlief alone, after all."

Bigsby: "Of course not. The call can go out when needed. We have the authority we need to take action against the occult when it rears its head, and that's what matter. We can make deputies if necessary."

Banholt: "Does this occur often? With such a massive city, do you not find yourself overwhelmed?"

Bigsby: "Much of what we do is research and investigation. Confrontations are rarer than you'd expect. We'll look everywhere from the libraries of Stormwind to the Temple of Darnassus for answers."

Banholt: "Even the Temple of Darnassus? That far?"

Bigsby: "There are powers beyond the Light that I wield. The Light is an umbrella, and beneath it there is much else. I've witnessed the power of Druids and Elune's worshippers. In fact, what's to say Elune is not an aspect of the Light?"

Banholt: "Is this work you do an extension of your time as a member of the Champions of Peace?"

Bigsby: "Once a Champion, always a Champion. My brothers may have fallen, but I did not, and I carry on my oath now just as I did then."

There you have it. I was impressed, as these Justiciars seem to have a sense of focus and purpose. Their leader's drive to do what is righteous should be lauded. Let our fears be, at least to a degree, assuaged.


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