Stormwind is hurting. No, it's not just Stormwind. It's not just the Alliance. The world is hurting.

As a priestess of the Light, I've had to council and console many of our fellow citizens of this fine city for a myriad of reasons. The problem with this is that there are plenty more people who are in pain who don't seek help or guidance. Many more who aren't being helped.

These are our guards, our soldiers, our workmen who brave danger and dismemberment every day to keep our city safe and running. It's impossible to know how many of our fellow citizens are quietly suffering by themselves. I've seen enough unexplained bruises and injuries brought to me for healing to know that some of their suffering isn't so quiet.

So what is to be done? There's an old saying from my homeland. You can lead a hawkstrider to water, but you can't make him drink. You can't force emotional healing on others, that only causes more harm. So where do these people go to escape their pain, to heal? They drink, typically. They seek the company of others. They search out entertainment.

I recently tried something different, something personally terrifying that left me exposed to all my own insecurities. I had a wonderful time. Specifically I allowed myself to be talked into dancing at the Rat's Revelry.

From atop my barrel I was able to observe a great many things. The looks I received were of a particularly lustful and lewd nature, of course, but I saw something in those eyes, those expressions. There was a relief in some of their faces. A reluctant joy in others, as if some people felt like they weren't allowed to enjoy themselves. I've seen faces like these before, slumped in despair at the Cathedral, seeking escape from their pain.

Once I noticed that, my own embarrassment and humiliation started feeling less important.

I'm not a good dancer, but now I want to be. I've always been afraid or reluctant to embrace my looks, but now I want to. Neither of which I feel compelled to do for myself, though. I want to do it because I realized I was able to do with my dancing what I do in the Cathedral. Up there on my barrel I could see everyone, watch them mingle with one another or seek various outlets for their pain, and maybe bring a little joy into tired, haggard lives.

Of particular note, I think, were the expressions of the few of Stormwind's Finest who came through on business, seeking to speak to the proprietress, or retrieve one of their own for work. I could see their desire to drop their responsibilities and join in the fun. They weren't just the expressions of bored people seeking some fun, they were expressions of pain, stress, and even fear of what a night out in Stormwind might entail for them.

I can understand now why my coworkers at the Rat's Revelry try so hard to make sure our patrons have fun. They make sure they can think about something other than the rest of their lives, make sure they can escape the pain of reality and the stress of a world at war. One need not worry themselves over scourge incursions, demonic invasions, or Horde attacks at one of Stormwind's many taverns. I will make a commitment, myself, to use whatever meager means I have to help dull this pain in our populace. If that means I have to dance on a barrel, then I will. And I'll do my best to get better and better at it.

I love the Alliance. I love Stormwind. Trying something new showed me a way I can help make it a better place.


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