After a week of deliberation, punishment has been meted out in regards to the gross abuse of authority which saw Tira Phalandrin abduct and imprison citizen Elwynri Goldmane late last month. As a body of trusted authority in the City, Councillor Niehr and Councillor Salem met with representatives of the Stormwind City Guard, Justicars and Silver Hand to offer recommendations as to repercussions. Appropriately, these recommendations seem to have been taken seriously as the Silver Hand announced that Tira Phalandrin would be stripped of her rank undoubtedly for conduct unbecoming, and the Stormwind City Guard has advised they will be keeping close eye on Phalandrin in the future.

Elwynri Goldmane, a former Veridian Order member, is currently being vetted and cleared of suspicions of felcraft or possession by the Justicars of Stormwind. Independent sources and publications, partaking in uninformed fearmongering, expressed concerns at her recent hiring to City Council as low-ranking secretary. Justicar Bigsby dismissed the worries with an amused wave of hand; “(…) It is suspected Elwynri may have been possessed at the time [of her kidnapping], but there is no evidence currently to corroborate this belief. The Justicars will be keeping close eye on all persons of interest in this case as investigation proceeds.”

The official report, a copy of which was hand-delivered to the Grobbulus Times by the gracious Council, reflected as such in clear language with phrases like “There are procedures and protocols to follow in dealing with the occult. Though Tira’s motives and intent were sound, I am of the opinion that she has violated those procedures.” and “Elwynri herself was warded (…) to keep her from interacting with the fel and shadow.” Records of this transcript are available at City Hall to citizens who request the Council for access.

With combined efforts of the Council, the investigation of the Justicars, and the firm support of the Stormwind Guard, justice seems to have been appropriately served. A testament to the ongoing cohesion between all aspects of enforcement in our city, and the weight which outside organizations give to the recommendations of our City Council in such judicial matters.


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