The Grobbulus Times, recently featured in the Eastern Kingdom’s newest publication out of Stranglethorn Vale, would like to take brief passage to welcome other journalists to the professional stage. The Times accepts articles of all viewpoints and conflicts, publishing both for and against many subjects, and is happy to see further citizens adding voice to the continental conversation of our great Alliance. Though initial articles have espoused the evils of ‘demonizing the innocent’ (the woman in question, Lantana, was recently killed after attempting to murder druid of the Cenarion Circle on behalf of Warlock Cultists) and ‘false reporting’ (the Bugle itself accidentally falsely reported the contents of an official Stormwind Justicar report without verifying the contents), we at the Times know these are common and forgivable mistakes of the enthusiastic but not-yet experienced. The Grobbulus Times looks forward to further cooperation with the Bugle in ensuring fair, multi-viewed reporting of all news pertinent to the Alliance and our day to day lives.


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