📓 The Absentee Shan'do

It took me a long time to finally sit down and write this, given the gravity of the situation. As has already been reported elsewhere, the druid Lantana has recently passed away, though not by natural means. She was killed in self-defense by another druid, Elmeria Oakenheart, after having stabbed the woman in the stomach. Now what madness could have brought these two druids to harm each other? The answer, I think, is obvious.

In the article "Beware of Dark Druid Maleifarcarum," I warned about a void-influenced druid who was allowed to freely wander the city of Stormwind. Neither her friends nor the authorities took any significant steps in bringing her into custody, both for her safety and the safety of others. As she had previously threatened and assaulted me on more than one occasion, it was evident that she was an explosive seed ready to pop. The two most responsible for her death are Tira Phalandrin and Kaladhir Ambertap. Both of them were given full accounts on what Lantana was up to, and both assured me that the matter was to be handled. Unfortunately, they were blinded by their own affection for the druid, and failed to act to help her. She was in a runaway minecart headed towards disaster, and no one thought to stop her.

Of course, at least part of the blame must rest on me. I tried to inform others and the public, but I did not do enough. I should have pushed harder, despite the opposition, but instead I kept away when the situation became dire. The return of Jarleif undoubtedly had some influence on pushing Lantana fully to the edge, and the Darkmoon Faire was as appropriate as any other place to finally snap. The sigil of the Darkmoon Faire, after all, is an ominous, orange eye. Some whisper of eyes such as those being spotted in the deepest recesses of Azeroth. A coincidence, or not, what is not a coincidence is that a troubled woman finally met a terrible and violent end.

I hope that we, as a community, watch over those who may be tempted by dark magic and step in when needed, even when the "honored teachers" do not.


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