The parchment is covered in a mixture of blood, dirt, and tears. The corners are ripped as sloppy quill marks cover the pages.

I'm... sorry, to everyone I've failed. To the Light, to the Knights of the Silver Hand, and to those in Stormwind. I can't handle this cursed place. Desolace... the Kodo Graveyard... it's too much. I can't feel the Light here. I feel weak. And they won't permit me to go home. I miss Stormwind. I miss the forests of Elwynn and the lakes and the sky and yes, the people.

I have to leave. I can't stay here any longer. I must take matters into my own hands, as it's clear the Silver Hand will not help me. I will form my own company, and bring justice to those who deserve it. To whoever finds this, Rose Company will defend you.

A large blot of ink covers the bottom right of the page.


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