📓 Totally Legitimate Tales

Ahoy and avast, people of the Alliance. I have returned to continue the enthralling tale that I began last week, so that you may find a stroke of maritime entertainment in your lives. Without further ado or poetics waxed, let us continue the tale of Kelladis Ourano and the Baron of Shipwreck Isle!

As we left off previously, myself and Captain Alessa von Alder were thrown overboard into the raging sea during a terrible storm after she had released me from a false imprisonment in an attempt to save the ship from going down after the previous helmsman was cast overboard himself. Sadly, despite my best efforts, we suffered the same fate as the poor helmsman and we were also thrown overboard before the ship capsized, sending the rest of the crew to the bottom of the sea. Of course, if I am writing this, I must have survived, no? Lest this world I am in be an afterlife, then it is the case.

Myself and Captain Alder found ourselves washed up on the white sandy shores of some island neither of us recognized. We found that the chain that she had used to bind us together so that she could place me back in the brig after I had so bravely attempted to save her ship was still tightly clapped on both of our wrists. With no tools nearby to sever said connection, it seemed that we had to stay together for the time being.

After a day of exploring to find food and water, as well as a high place to search for any ship sails in the distance, we spotted a curious pillar of smoke on the horizon. Deciding to make our way there, we spent several days trudging through the jungle, making our way towards the signal we had seen on the horizon. It took us nearly three days to reach our destination, but what we found was well worth the rough journey. A compound made of hewn logs sitting in the middle of a clearing in front of a mountainous stack of stone ruins. Natives or new arrivals, who was to say? But we thought that it was better to take our chances than to stay out in the jungle...

In time for the next deadline!


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