The public forum Saturday night, a shining beacon of the democratic process within Stormwind, was marred by a once prominent community figure’s crusade against the unknown. Apothecary, Scalebane, Shan’do: these are the most venerable titles that Kaladhir Ambertap holds to mark a druid, a citizen of his stature. Each honorific earned with fang and claw, fighting for his people and even those of this land he now calls home. For this reason I must say with heavy heart that I am disappointed in Ambertap.

Once a staunch ally, I was revolted to find the embittered shell of a druid that heckled the candidates that night carried the same name. So proud was I to lend my aid to the apothecary’s campaign effort, dutifully taking note of each word spoken on the various platforms present, that one can imagine my shock to find my friend disparaging the very newspaper I write for. The vitriol, then, that spewed from this man soured the room. The name-calling and implications of unfair terms caught the candidates off-guard, though they managed to regain composure well-enough. And as if that were not enough, Ambertap made a mockery of the entire process, displaying a startling lack of understanding and care by announcing his intent to run for Park District Councilor – a seat that is not up for election.

His rejoining the crowd, then, was further turning point as he renounced his candidacy and took to jeering at the remainders. To Lady Lasciell Ravenwood he made offensive remarks of a purported tattoo, directly asking, “I would need to have you searched…[] Would you like to consent to the guards?” The confusion in his now-failed campaign was brought to a head as he challenged City Councilor Rhien Heartseeker directly, going on to demand she resign “out of shame.” Ambertap was escorted from the building shortly thereafter.

I write this op-ed not to disparage the good druid’s name; Elune knows he has done well enough in that regard for himself. I write to let the readers know the dangers of wanton vigilantism, to let the readers be aware that such conspiratorial nature can turn even the most noble of people into raving vagrants. I write out of fear that the lunacy that has gripped a dear friend may spread throughout our dear city.

-Ellaria Moonbough


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