Ahoy, Reader, Kelladis Ourano here to shed some light on the details of my campaign for Stormwind City Council this Summer. I am running for the Old Town representative seat and would like for you to consider voting for me in this upcoming election. As a long-term professional ship captain, I know what it’s like to turn a ship that’s seen better days into the pride of the fleet. That’s what I hope to do with Old Town when elected.

Old Town currently is a testament to how the city’s nobles have let the common people down. The most historic district in Stormwind, and it’s home to struggling family businesses, unemployed workers, and cast-aside veterans of our army who fought bravely for the Alliance in each and every war. When elected, I hope to stimulate the economy of the district by creating jobs for the unemployed and promoting these family businesses that have been passed down for generations from parent to child.

The common people of the city have been overlooked and overworked for years, and it’s time for their voices to be heard. As a sea captain, it’s important for you to listen to each and every sailor on your ship and take their words to heart. With my experience and willingness to hear and help our people, I believe that I am the best candidate for the job. When it comes time to vote this Summer, who are you going to choose? Someone who intends to keep things business as usual, or someone who’s ready to make the changes that this city needs? I am Kelladis Ourano, and I am Running a Tight Ship.

This message paid for by Xaxdorei for Ourano.


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