📓 Escape from Perdition

Rain poured down through the thick forested sky above. Had it been weeks or days? She could not remember. She only knew that she could not turn back... not to that place... that horrible horrible place.

The screams in the night had faded, she was that far. This much she knew. She only had to keep traveling south, down the river. It would take her to Tarren Mill.

"Tarren Mill" the words she spoke in whisper with chattering teeth. She was soaked, freezing and alone. The darkness of night closing in around her.

"It should be here." She thought again out loud, continuing to trudge through the mud of the river bank. Just as her self trust began to vanish and she feared herself lost, a single dim light broke through the mists of the bank. There, in the distnce the shadowy outline of Tarren Mill emerged within the gloom.

Her heart leapt, finally... she had made it. An outpost of the Alliance. She lifted mudcaked robes and began to sprint toward the small village, relief washing over her being. Closer and closer until..... no. Something wasn't right.

She could hear no voices, no laughter... no smell of food or sound of life. She stopped, slipping behind a large pine where she could get a clear view of the chapel.

A robed figure emerged, robes tangled and dirty. For a moment she thought him a priest of the light, but then... slowly surely... her relief turned to terror. She withdrew her gaze and drew her hand to her mouth to stifle her own screams.

He was no human at all but a shambling corpse. Had the scourge truly taken all of Lordaeron? Where the things they had said... the fears they had tormented her with true all along?

Gathering her grit she slunk away, back into the forest toward the river. "It can't be true." She thought. "I must push on to Southshore... it can't be true."

She continued on her way for hours more along the bank. "Southshore will be there." She told herself through clenched teeth.


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