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📓 backstory

Just a gnome from SW, Has begun training as a mage.

Retail king - Classic noob Fresh 60 from Faerlina Looking for good times Probably smoking weed or drinking. 22 years old. 9 More Words

📓 friends

16 More Words

Rain poured down through the thick forested sky above. Had it been weeks or days? 343 More Words

Ahoy, Reader, Kelladis Ourano here to shed some light on the details of my campaign for Stormwind City Council this Summer. I am running for the Old Town representative seat and would like for you to consider voting for me in this upcoming election. 248 More Words

The public forum Saturday night, a shining beacon of the democratic process within Stormwind, was marred by a once prominent community figure’s crusade against the unknown. Apothecary, Scalebane, Shan’do: these are the most venerable titles that Kaladhir Ambertap holds to mark a druid, a citizen of his stature. 339 More Words

Ahoy and avast, people of the Alliance. I have returned to continue the enthralling tale that I began last week, so that you may find a stroke of maritime entertainment in your lives. 348 More Words

The parchment is covered in a mixture of blood, dirt, and tears. The corners are ripped as sloppy quill marks cover the pages. 133 More Words

Furious scribbles line the page margins, signs that the ink and quill were perhaps not quite agreeing. I-- We've finished what things were required in Lakeshire. 74 More Words

📓 A curious find

Between adventures Taliea found a worn journal with the first handful of pages viciously torn out. She searched and questioned throughout Lakeshire but was unable to find the previous owner. 21 More Words

It took me a long time to finally sit down and write this, given the gravity of the situation. As has already been reported elsewhere, the druid Lantana has recently passed away, though not by natural means. 336 More Words

My mentor told me writing one of these would help me calm myself during moment of struggle, so here I am. I'm writing this from within the Silver Hand barracks... 105 More Words

Ahoy and avast, people of Stormwind, Ironforge, or wherever you’ve found this paper. I, Kelladis Ourano, have decided to share with you all Totally Legitimate Tales from my times at sea. 318 More Words

Stormwind is hurting. No, it's not just Stormwind. 620 More Words

I want to consider the question of our personal weaknesses. I want to get to the heart of the malaise that afflicts us and prevents us from fully and truly aligning ourselves with the Light’s intentions. 477 More Words

In the realms of men there holds but one truth in each their hearts – the Light. Benevolent to most, the faith sweeps across the Eastern Kingdoms like a comforting blanket, enrapturing its subjects in benediction. 308 More Words

I have previously written an article in this very paper about the dangers of dark magic users in this city. It is with no pleasure, then, that I have come across a report that the Justicars - the group responsible for hunting dark magic users within the city - may contain some bad actors of their own. 174 More Words

The Alliance has proven itself to be a beast that is slow to be roused from slumber. Its combined forces are vast and its industries are without equal, but there are many mouths to feed and palms to grease where any considerable dispatch of its forces are concerned. 1023 More Words

It was a hectic scene this morning in the Trade District of our great city. Shop-signs were reverted back to normal, several mock-doors were removed from stone walls, and cleanup was undertaken across the entire cityscape. 93 More Words

Much emphasis as of late has been placed on fel or demonic magic, but it is not only warlocks that can manifest darkness. Any user of magic, even those who focus on the Light or nature, can cave into their darker natures and use their powers for ill. 191 More Words

Stormwind has often been thought a city of opposites, of progression and stagnation, of tradition and innovation all at once. City officials, during the final month of this ever-hopeful writer’s, deemed that the war had drawn away too many of the nobility and ranking members of title from the politics and management of the City itself. 297 More Words

From the Sunset's View. Wiesner Platinumbrow. 577 More Words

Stormwind, in these last few troubled and conflicting months, has seen a veritable explosion of fel and nether activities. Cartels, seedy taverns, these sorts of dark corners have often held refuge for the outcast or unaccepted in the Alliance, and rumors have persisted for months of small refuges and covens of Warlocks within Stormwind’s own walls. 272 More Words

Greetings all you prime-time Grobb readers! It's duck season in Khaz Modan and what better way to kick it off than with a beautiful way to prepare the best part of the local game animal. 383 More Words

In the dusk of a late-winter night, lost souls may stumble through the darkness of Stormwind’s back alleys and hidden passages. For most, it is unclear what these shadows look for, but for others it is very apparent. 378 More Words

It has been a long decade since the Third War's conclusion. A long decade of rebuilding, nursing wounds, and grieving for those lost to the predations of the most abominable beings our world has ever known: The Undead and Demons. 539 More Words

Writer-extraordinaire Elyanne Fasate is back in action after a brief stint in the clink of our most anti-journalistic Capital, Stormwind! Of all the various herbs and concoctions used by our fair and more unfair residents, Bloomdust is by far one of the most common and yet least confiscated narcotics dirtying the streets of our city. 429 More Words

She couldn't remember a time before her undeath; sometimes she wished she could, but at the end of the day it bothered her very little. In the time from her new awakening up to the point of her new induction into this strange, orc-led Pact she has had to face many things in which she doesn't think she would have been able to handle without the proper leader. 313 More Words

Lush fields and clear skies, Rock crags reaching for the sun. Quiet mist covers the sea. 73 More Words

My Grave Diggers were doing good work. I quickly came to be unable to manage a lot of things on my own. 529 More Words

I saw you again in my dream last night. The hearth had a warm glow to it. 131 More Words

It was a novel idea, inspired by reading Alcmene had done while in Northshire Abbey. It would take a lot of work, and a lot of people from different disciplines, but she could do it. 307 More Words

After the first invasion of the Orcs, Stormwind fell and the residents of the region escaped north to Lordaeron. With precious little time to prepare, a second war with the Orcs broke out. 1034 More Words

27th of March, 617 KC. I can hear their haunting cries. 508 More Words

I was down at the Lion’s Pride today, and Barkeep Dobbins told me something very interesting. He said that Brog Hamfist and Toddrick were telling the lads that I’m a right googin at the fishing holes! 594 More Words

It's strange to feel so at home here. When General Feathermoon sent me to reconnoiter the Alliance, I expected to see again what I witnessed when the humans first came to our forests; hubris, entitlement, and wanton destruction. 264 More Words

I feel certain that I've been consigned to this forsaken desert for eternity. I look upon this endless sea of sand and see only a scathing metaphor for its inhabitants' minds - each as barren and fruitless as the other. 331 More Words

Today me woke up in the wagon next to the auction house in Ironforge. Me doesn’t know why. 609 More Words

Entry 24. It's been nearly a new moon since I've been commissioned to Stranglethorn. 441 More Words

Trogg meat; it tastes much like dwarf meat but lacks proper marbling due to their lean diet. There is a near limitless supply of it beneath the streets of Orgrimmar and Thrall has not extended his protection to their kind. 156 More Words

1: What race does your character belong to? Kaldorei 2: What clan/family does your character belong to? 624 More Words

The strangest thing happened today when Doraku and I stopped in Ironforge to re-supply before heading back out into the wilds. A human shouted me down while I headed towards the gryphon master. 260 More Words

Undead Priest Date of Undeath: Quite a While Ago She wasn’t quite right in the head, whether that was from before or because of - it was never clear. It mattered little though. 286 More Words

Soft. The first sensation that broke through Drusera’s waking mind was that she was surrounded by soft. 926 More Words

Martin Openhand let out a barking laugh and clasped Droma's hand in both of his own, shaking before pulling her into a tight hug that left chrysanthemums all over her hair and shoulders. "Don't you know any orcs? 868 More Words

📓 The Awakening

Trak was plagued with remnants of the orc's blood curse long after Mannoroth's death. He had reluctantly sought the help of a shaman by the name of Yaju and was given a brew of potent herbs and ju-ju's to purge the evil from within. 507 More Words

In the blistering winds of Desolace, I've gazed upon an angel. Who knew one could find such beauty in such a dreary wasteland. 178 More Words

📓 Soul Link.

Durotar. Again. 2729 More Words

Droma Deadwatcher stood in the dust, staring skyward as Azeroth's moon slowly rolled down to the horizon. Sun would rise soon, and with it the shadows would concentrate and darken and stretch. 1274 More Words

📓 Darkest Droma.

Terror gripped Blue bodily as she turned in her sleep, journal tucked under her pillow, beads of perspiration clinging to her forehead as she endured a long and painful nightmare. Zahevere clung to her side, fingernails raking pleasantly across one green shoulder, at a loss for what to do to calm her wife's troubled mind. 1034 More Words

I have been through a tumult of late, every day it would seem. As my magical skills had not advanced significantly since learning the hallowed Ghost Wolf form, I eventually swapped my pitted & scarred stave for something I never would have dreamed I would wield. 1118 More Words

Garmax Trailbinder sat on his porch, contentedly patting the belly of a young hog that sprawled across his lap. All was umber as the sun tipped over the western horizon of Durotar, and the air around his family home was a rich bouquet of drying tobacco, sizzling pork, roasting greens, and the sticky-sweet cloying of a jug of mead fermenting underneath the deck. 997 More Words

With the successful expedition into the wailing caverns I returned to finish my tasks in Silverpine. I was able to easily take on the mages of dalaran and take down their boss in the area. 720 More Words

This is a tale from a few years ago, when I still roamed the world as a freelancing assassin. I was a strong valiant defender of the Alliance, and a challenge to members of the Horde. 989 More Words

The shadows are many things to many people. A weapon, a warren, a way to better know yourself. 1007 More Words

📓 The Darkness

The mysterious woman clamed she was on a mission, a mission to discover truths unknown. What kind of truths could she possibley know? 371 More Words

Martin Openhand decided to travel with the two lady adventurers for a while. Though they missed some of their usual privacy, and the typical rambunctiousness that came with it, having a stalwart companion who flirted ever so lightly with insanity brought a certain security to their travels. 669 More Words

Journal-mine, I need a heading. The mysteries of Azeroth are heavily guarded, and the one I thought to call my own had to be left behind a mile underground when we made our escape from Blackfathom. 1177 More Words

The fishing's good in Ratchet. I know, because now that we've had our fill of ancient temples and murderous magic, it's time for a little vacation- and when we realized we'd slept in an extra four hours this morning, we decided to let a warm, catlike laziness overtake us entirely. 490 More Words

I am still not whole- it hurts me terribly to draw on the soul's own living fire, and I am reminded that injuries take time to heal- it'll always be tender if I keep poking at it. But, Journal-mine, I am a sorcerer, and that is more than I could say when I woke this morning. 1231 More Words

I’m reporting this story two days after the tragic events in Gadgetzan. A Tauren hunter stood atop the arena cage showering arrows upon several victims. 280 More Words

Arriving to Kharazan, Medivh entered the lowest chamber of the tower and said, “Greetings, my love.” to Sargeras as he laid the pristine and untouched body of Muhammadah at his friend’s feet. 1421 More Words

📓 An open hand.

The Knight of the Garden walked his quiet way through Ashenvale. Once, he had been a violent creature- a savage from the low kingdoms of the East, placed in charge of other savages whom he spent most of his time striking across the face for disobedience. 1739 More Words

There was no adventure today. Once again I have the wand, and once again Blue is resting. 1433 More Words

There she was in the Inn, sitting at the table, having a drink near a fireplace. She seemed alone in a crowded room with sounds of late morning crowds already getting restless for the day ahead. 392 More Words

Peace and Blessings be with You! Your eyes meet Muhammadah's green, almost luminiscent, eyes guarded by thin eyebrows that are neatly kept in a heart shaped face whose pearlish skin soflty glows like silver, with high cheeks, full lips that are on the precipice of a smile as though she is being spoken to by a lover, one you cannot see or hear, divulging secrets. 1276 More Words

📓 Fireside.

Zahevere sat at the campfire, turning her new fiddle between her knees and watching the flames. It had been a spur of the moment thing, thrusting an entire gold piece into that sailor's hand, but now she had it and it made all the difference in the world. 699 More Words

The small journal was a bit tattered, and the handwriting was poor, inside detailed a very basic guide to blacksmithing, more importantly, an axesmith. My mentor gave me an axe the day before he died. 963 More Words

Blue has a little bit of a seasickness problem- some things never change- and is resting belowdecks. So once again, here I sit, pecking away at the page and introspecting on her behalf. 742 More Words

Been a while since my last entry, things have been such a whirlwind lately. Seems almost every town and outpost is in dire need of help. 232 More Words

📓 The Coming Dark

Where the hell are you, Rhene? Mother and Father won’t be back for weeks yet… Mateas Varlois set his jaw as he looked over the estate orchards that afternoon, the Autumn harvest now in its last stages. 572 More Words

I promised Zee I would try not to dwell on what happened to me and focus on recovery instead. Journal-mine, that is very difficult. 917 More Words

From the Journal of Minimus Ignotus, 9/12 The following is an accounting, as accurately as I can remember, of my first battle against the Horde. I thought I knew what combat was like. 1063 More Words

Dear diary, My powers in the Light have waned almost completely. It takes great effort for me to call upon the healing powers of the holy Light. 104 More Words

So Promise is alive. That's a funny trick to play on me. 398 More Words

I had arrived at the sacred forests of Ashenvale, ready to begin the assault with my comrades. For too long the Horde had desecrated the sacred forests with their disgusting plague and thoughtless harvesting of resources. 581 More Words

I woke up with a pile of cadavers on my chest. The smell of rot dulls my senses. 333 More Words

Dear diary, My dreams have been becoming more vivid. It is like I am there myself. 92 More Words

📓 Eternal Promise.

My name is ZAHEVERE, and with my own blood do I commit my name to this ensorcelled book. What I record here is the whole truth, insofar as a demon can be expected to tell it. 1293 More Words

We didn't waste any time getting out of Sun Rock. One day of pushing our luck is fine, but two... 679 More Words

As I write this, I find myself in the Inn of Goldshire. I can hear the tinkering of the blacksmith across the way. 266 More Words

Stonetalon looms again- but we're not going up asking for trouble, this time. The harpies have made their choice, and I'll respect that- even if the curiosity burns and burns and burns, they're buying their privacy with violence, and they can have it. 742 More Words

Greetings, diary, and spirits of the inkwell and quill. I found you in the possession of one of those water stealing curs out in the dunes. 216 More Words

I woke up to the screams of people running in fear outside the Abbey. Those in red bandannas as I found out later called the Defias were terrorizing the whole abbey of Northsire. 128 More Words

I question my motives in this journey to become a paladin of the Light. Are my motives pure? 128 More Words

Dear diary, By the Light, damn those large cats. I lay upon a bed in Darkshire as I pen this entry with my vision halved. 104 More Words

Dear diary, Having returned to human lands, I found myself sent by my superiors to aid with the undead menace threatening the region of Duskwood. Overall, the experience was merely a standard smiting of the undead and aiding of the local militia. 190 More Words

Dear diary, Through my journeys, I have met a host of people. Among these are members of a group known as the Righteous Reclamation of Lordaeron. 81 More Words

Dear diary, I have been recalled back to human lands by my superiors. They believe it important that I help surprise the Defias insurrection. 130 More Words

Dear diary, I have made my way to Darkshore. It was a long trek, and I had to use my holy arts to revive a traveling companion that was almost felled by a reptilian beast. 158 More Words

I am grateful for the Gold Road. Squishing our way across the flooded savanna, even for the few minutes it took to find those reliable old cobbles, was thoroughly unpleasant. 985 More Words

Dear diary, On the Stormwind front, I have taken out several bandits working for an organization known as the Defias. They appear to be attempting to take over Westfall. 120 More Words

📓 Rain delay.

Rain doesn't come easy in The Barrens. The mile-high anvils of black cloud overhead are ripping the sky apart and filling it with painful blasts of daylight every other minute, and thunder- the thunder of rituals, the thunder called down on mountaintops, the planet's own angry bellows, roll constantly across the plains and through my chest, rattling my heart as easily as a child might shake a jar of fireflies. 537 More Words

You never truly grasp until you're dead on how important your jaw is. Makes me wish I never lost the damn thing, I can communicate fine to mortals and other undead using magic, but have you ever tried feeding without a jaw? 139 More Words

Can't sell this one short, journal. The usual care with which I mark the passing of days is going to have to be set aside for a little... 1368 More Words

When I said the words, I think some naive part of my mind was convinced that everything would change all at once. That something magical would happen, and all the wrongs in the world would be set right at once, as we became an axis around which fate could spin. 919 More Words

What I write in this journal cannot describe an ounce of the relief and joy I now feel. It had been a hope, a fools hope for a hundred years and yet now… Her voice, a sound I never thought I’d hear again, echoes through my mind. 394 More Words

Well met. I am Curtis Anvilcrusher, an' this is me log. 398 More Words

After all of mother's theatrics and the barbs between us, I half-expected to find us wandering through the dust before sunset. Instead, a certain calm came over her that kept me nervous all evening- but for once, for a few hours, all really was as peaceful as it looked. 1005 More Words

I've been remiss in keeping up with you, journal. I have not been keeping track of all my antics and fear I have forgotten all of the proper details, or even the proper order since I haven't been ending my nights with a write up. 745 More Words

I had made my delivery to my new base of operations the Sepulcher. There is no inn here as in Brill, instead they use a crypt for rest. 377 More Words

Well, if it isn't my journal. I was wondering when I'd get you back. 1342 More Words

Ive spent much longer than I would've liked in the Barrens and surrounding areas. The sun is much too hot and sears whatever exposed skin I have so I spend so much of my time going from tree to tree just to hide in the shade so I don't start smelling like cooked rotting corpse. 710 More Words

These ghastly atrocities in the Field of Giants needs to be exterminated from the face of this world. I cannot and will not stand to look at more and more of these goddamn pecker heads creeping the living hell out of me and my fellow comrades. 6 More Words

📓 New Companion

I had to replace my trustworthy axe today. After countless battles and a few near death experiences, it was in no shape to continue fighting. 23 More Words

Okay, I lied. One more entry. 1040 More Words

📓 Second Thoughts

I apologize that I haven't been writing, Journal. I've been frighteningly busy in a terribly literal way. 1327 More Words

I wanted to explore the rest of Dun Morogh. I hadn't been to the east of Khranos yet so that is where I went. 303 More Words

I was given a summons to the Forlorn Quarter to see Lago Blackwrench. A friend from Gnomeregan. 264 More Words

I arrived in Khranos without too much trouble. The cold is biting and burns. 575 More Words

This will be my last entry for a little while. I'm giving the book back to Blue after today- I have a feeling that my voice can only bring so much to this little chronicle, especially considering how different our attitudes are toward the pursuit of secrets. 917 More Words

They dull brown of the ground seems to extend ever onwards into the distance. The hordes of quilboar, centaurs and savage beasts seem never ending. 72 More Words

Journal, I don't really know where to start with this past week. I made the journey to Teldrassil with little issue and never saw a familiar face. 1161 More Words

Ahh that Dwarf there, Sten Stoutarm. He is offering some gloves in exchange for food. 509 More Words

I was the one who made the suggestion to leave Azshara. Too many misadventures. 1528 More Words

I have spent a few days helping the forsaken in Brill. It wasn't long until I was recruited to join a guild. 219 More Words

📓 Brutal Reality

So cold, I don't know how the dwarves can take this blistering cold. If only I had time to recover my tools. 37 More Words

📓 Gnomeregan

Troggs, Troggs everywhere. Where is the alliance? 64 More Words

It's been 3 days and I'm still in this horrendous expanse called "The Barrens". Gods do I see why they call it that now. 333 More Words

In an exercise I expect to find equal parts charming and confusing, she has handed me this journal she keeps. She bid me write whatever I want for the next little while, to compare how we chronicle the days. 1280 More Words

Today at the merchant coast near Ratchet, I met my first human. I helped him die then ate him. 41 More Words

My journey continues; and nothing but good news heralds my progress. Nedrian succeeded- and of that, I cannot be more grateful to Elune or whatever lit his path. 113 More Words

I do not know how I succeeded. A few days after my training began, I set off on my journey. 230 More Words

During a visit to Orgrimmar one day I stopped by the Valley of Wisdom to pay my respects to my Warchief, Thrall. Believe it or not, the Warchief himself had a task to offer me, an important investigation of a growing source of corruption within Orgrimmar itself! 302 More Words

📓 Dwarves!

We were attacked! There's never any real rest on Azeroth, just the moments between lunatics jumping out of the bushes at you. 966 More Words

I skulked around for the last two days. Killing and skinning enemies in the Barrens. 257 More Words

After conquering Ragefire Chasm yesterday with a group of fellow intrepid adventurers I realized that I had now entertained a number if requests to run errands into the Silverpine Forest, to the Sepulcher. I took the Zeppelin from Orgrimmar, and it was quite an experience. 57 More Words

Many people ask me, Jyodi, where's ya Troll accent? Ya talk like one o' dem Humans! 69 More Words

The best and safest route would be to go back to Stormwind so I began my travel to the Dwarven district. Upon arriving I entered the Deeprun Tram to Ironforge. 134 More Words

📓 Westfall

I went to Westfall to see Gryan Stoutmantle of The People's Milita. The people feel like the Stormwind Royalty have abandoned the region. 107 More Words

📓 Meeting a Human

While questing in Darkshore and fighting Grells I got myself into a sticky situation. Two of the dark creatures attacked me at the same time and once I thought I was certainly done for, I felt my body almost float upwards and I was flooded with a feeling of warmth and love. 209 More Words

It feels like there's something missing with the previous page only half-filled, but whenever I look at that empty space I know I'll it'll all come back to me. The most wonderful night, like none other I've ever had. 523 More Words

Looking down in my three fingered palm at the pair of totems hanging around my neck, Earth and now Fire, as well, with a little assistance. My Searing Totem crackles at my enemies as they fall, alongside the ever present boon of my Strength of Earth and Stoneskin totems. 318 More Words

📓 A Path Decided

His path was revealed to him at a young age. Detlef was the first child born in a new Tauren settlement, and his siblings and cousins were to come in the following months and years. 271 More Words

Marshal Dungan sent me to WestBrook Garrison. Their Deputy Rainer needed help to alleviate the Gnoll threat. 61 More Words

📓 Murlocs!

Remy "Two" Fingers is convinced that a Murloc Threat is coming. I spoke to Marshal Dugan about it. 45 More Words

Earlier today in the barrens I found an incredible artifact! I don't know its history, but it's clearly infused with magical power. 64 More Words

📓 Goldshire

Marshal McBride thinks my services will benefit the alliance so he is having me deliver a report on local activity to Marshal Dughan in Goldshire. Upon arriving I took shelter for the night in the Lion's Pride Inn. 111 More Words

Heeding the call for adventurers I set out for Northshire Valley. There I met Marshal McBride. 47 More Words

📓 Origin Story

Blackrock Orcs beset upon my family home in the Elywnn Forest slaughtering my wife and daughter. My home and farm are now a burned out husk of it'1s former glory, I leave on a mission of duty to help upend the Orc threat! 32 More Words

Today I traveled to the Valley of Trials to continue my fledgling training in the arts of shamanism. Even though I had read an article in the Times that suggested there was a surge in travelers seeking training and refuge there I was not prepared for the sheer wait I had in store for me. 105 More Words

The day I so eagerly awaited arrived, and with it apparently came countless others to Northshire with similar goals as me, which came as a blow to my ego as I thought I was one of a select few. Instead among all these people I was no promising warrior, I was just some second-rate blacksmith's apprentice who barely knew how to swing a sword. 389 More Words

📓 We need to talk.

After that strange dream of mine, Azshara seemed the most likely choice for our next leg of the journey. Well-provisioned and only ever-so-slightly behind schedule due to an early-morning rendezvous, we struck out into the unknown. 1203 More Words

As I made my journey to the abbey in Northshire, I felt nervous but also dignified. I am eager to start my training and education to become an official Paladin of the Light. 135 More Words

📓 Day 1

My day has come at last. Today I have completed the Valley of Trails, the first step all great orcs must take to becoming a hero. 77 More Words

I finally got up to realize I was actually in a crypt with loads of other walking corpses. I'm not sure what's happening - but I know one thing. 113 More Words

The most savage feral Druid Azeroth has ever witness.

📓 To Durotar

The boys found out about my transfer request and arranged for a hunt to say farewell. Nothing says "We'll miss you" quite like tracking and killing some battle boars and prairie stalkers. 383 More Words

I was not the only adventurer making their way through the forest it seems. In fact the land was positively swarming! 93 More Words

📓 Back in Mulgore

It feels good to be back home. It feels good to be fighting honestly. 19 More Words

Dear Master Angler, I keep tryin’ ta catch Spotted Sunfish ta sell ‘round town fer buyin’ a dolly fer mah sis - but the dang things keep givin’ me tha slip! Can you give me some tips on startin’ out? 738 More Words

📓 New Order

I have enlisted with a fresh order of Knights. The Knights for Righteous Reclamation of Lordaeron! 195 More Words

I filled all yestereve with missions for Marshal Mcbride. The rumours of flagging guardsman presence were more than true! 230 More Words

Dear diary, I went to Northshire Abbey. The tome I was looking for was there. 126 More Words

📓 Entry 5

This is not good. We haven spoke in years, yet, he specifically called for me... 45 More Words

Stabbins is a Johnny on the spot type of guy. A real go getter and do-gooder. 43 More Words

📓 #7 - Kleshas

I suppose it is time that I make a start on this journal, to document all of what is to come. In the dead hours of noon, I had taken a journey south of Dolanaar, towards the very rim of Teldrassil. 913 More Words

📓 Second sunrise.

Quite a day, oh journal of mine. One I would hate very much to forget. 1040 More Words

📓 My journey begins

I have my things packed. Everything I need to help me on my way, well everything my mother says I'll need. 172 More Words

The sun was more than half way to the tree tops when Heinz was moving again. He began to wonder if he would have to find some bushes to sleep under or if he would reach Stormwind first when the backdrop of trees finally broke to reveal something new. 1555 More Words

I chopped my hair into a bob to keep it more manageable. I laid new clothes out by my bedside, alongside a giant mallet that I borrowed from the stables. 104 More Words

Dear diary, You shall be the secret tome where I gather my thoughts and hide my secrets. I had the dreams again. 101 More Words

Born of the yoke of Elune's blessed sisters am I. Born to walk the path of Elune's light I must to spread her word and her blessing upon Azeroth. 322 More Words

📓 Title

Honor. Honor is the most common word to hear when becoming of age as an orc. 237 More Words

Seduction. Glamour. 633 More Words

Hello journal, I am writing you as I am currently so excited that I need some way to gather my thoughts. I have finally made it to Camp Taurajo, so this will be the last night before completing my journey to Mulgore to begin my new life among the Tauren, but perhaps I should explain who I am and why that is, since you’re a journal and don’t know unless I write it down. 469 More Words

I knew the wound didn't look right. I knew something was amiss despite how Kyran acted as if that bite didn't bother him in the least. 228 More Words

📓 A New Home

I grew up a nomad. My home was the road we walked on, the only walls that surrounded me were leather and canvas. 680 More Words

An icy wind is blowing hard, down from the steep cliffs of Ironforge Mountain. the cold air causes the right side of my face and shoulders to ache. 316 More Words

Mu'sha shines on these lush grasslands tonight. The light of the Earth Mother's eye kisses my fur and fills me with vigor for the quest ahead. 360 More Words

📓 #6 - Skandha

I must write down these thoughts, before their tumultuations overwhelm my mind. It has been 21 moons since the birth of our firstborn. 1108 More Words

Finally some good news has come, the Valley of Northshire is finally ready for new arrivals for the work that will hopefully turn me from a Scarlet Squire into a Magnificent Knight. On the morrow I shall depart from the Lion's Pride Inn and make my way to the valley, good thing too, because I'm fairly certain the innkeeper is getting tired of my freeloading here. 64 More Words

📓 Updates.

The city is breathing. Countless bodies getting things ready for a mobilization. 144 More Words

📓 Entry Two

The city is bustling, and sometimes I can barely hear myself thing! Supplies being ferried, legions mobilizing, it's not just a graduation from my book studies tomorrow. 123 More Words

As I made the journey to Shadowglen today, the roads were absolutely packed with travelers. No one knows why; there's nothing specific going on, very few Kaldorei are on a specific mission. 73 More Words

As I contemplate on the light, where I am going, where I have been. The present tries to elude me and force me to relive my past trauma. 92 More Words

I've been growing restless of late. There is no specific or tangible reason for it, but I cannot shake the feeling that it's time for something more. 48 More Words

The high pitch screeches pursued him. A short burst of repeating barks, they flailed his legs to keep pumping. 1858 More Words

📓 Summons Home

I've just received a letter from a courrier from Chief Hawkwind. I'm needed at Red Cloud Mesa. 191 More Words

I now have an understanding of how i can wield the Light to heal myself and others, as well as a holy seal that i can use to bless my weapons. I hear from some of the Abbey's clergy that Adventurers have begun to spread across the realm from their homes and holdfasts. 5 More Words

[Ingame RP will start after completion of Rogue class quest; the following is based on a backstory from guild Discord RP.] I've been everywhere and seen everything, but there's still something that always gets to me: one of my own kind, trusting and vulnerable, who may be in the sort of peril that is my daily life but can easily be the end of him. 319 More Words

I am a stupid woman. An utter fool. 392 More Words

📓 Saturday

After training all week, today I finally had an entire day to myself. I didn't sleep in. 592 More Words

📓 Somewhere to be.

I did not sleep well last night, and woke up not knowing where I was. The dream I had was the work of the spirits, I'm beginning to think- but which ones, and what they want with me that they'd show me that, I have no idea. 875 More Words

Vile, annoying, disgusting, and worthless creatures. You offspring of fatherless whores need to get the hell out of here and crawl to sea into the deepest of all abysses.

📓 Entry 4

Murlocs are such a pest. And theres barely any stretch of beach where u dont find one, staring at you with those huge eyes; and when I look back at them, I know those bastards are thinking about stealing my fish. 150 More Words

Heinz woke with a gasp. The sudden rush of cold air into his lungs caused him to cough for a moment. 2174 More Words

A light breeze in the night air. The smell of popcorn and the loud noise of carnival rides and wild animals in the background. 432 More Words

I finally boarded the Deeprun Tram today. After years of passing it by while living with the Dwarves of Ironforge, it's time for me to return home to southern Azeroth. 100 More Words

This valley has been my home for years, but with our mother gone I just can't find the will to stay. Telle and Jera were the only thing keeping me here, but they came to me the eve before last and told me it was the will of the Light that I should leave here and find a path out in the wide world. 136 More Words

📓 The high road.

Droma the Sage walked the high road down from Stonetalon Peak today. I know, because I could spot those ink-stained hands and ringed tusks from a few hundred paces in the noontime sun. 898 More Words

My name is Peyote Halfhorn and by three days, I will get to roam through Mulgore and out beyond the plains. I am nervous but prepared to learn through trial and error. 30 More Words

📓 Friday

Gorak. The Bluffwatcher who whistled at me earlier this week. 869 More Words

Stormwind, what a beautiful city. A city, full of life, love, but on the verge of war. 200 More Words

📓 An Invitation

Master Vi'ji shared an invitation I received today. I am to make my way to the Valley of Trials. 57 More Words

Icy water sprayed them again as the small boat crashed into another wave. Watching the crew lean forward to give another heave to the oars, Heinz barely noticed the difference from the pelting rain, unseen but felt in the dark of night. 1971 More Words

Tonight we sat on a hill for a long time. She could make no more sense of the locket than I could, so for the time being it will remain safe and sound in the bottom of my pack. 600 More Words

I have been meditating and praying daily to the light in preparations for the meeting at the Northsire Abbey. There are flashes of the event, of the screams, of the torment of that day, the Scourge of Lorderon. 66 More Words

📓 Thursday

Today we sparred with our compatriots once more, however, today we were permitted use of our magics. Rotating through partners, I saved my strength. 894 More Words

It is my hope that writing in this journal will stave off a descent into madness and bring me to terms with what I have become. Death has eluded me, but I am no longer living. 425 More Words

📓 The Huntress

She was the one with the Plainstrider who gave me her bed back in Camp Taurajo the night I fled home. She was the kind soul that saw a troubled bull and left well enough alone. 206 More Words

I had nearly forgotten the thrill of a fair match in battle. Skomag was an old, done creature, and the Kul Tirans of the beach fort were miserable, over-eager things. 1513 More Words

Days are dreary as of late, paying no notice to the scat it's left behind in its wake. Being late October of this year in 590, I've been declared a nuisance to the city of Lordaeron. 128 More Words

📓 Wednesday

In comparison to yesterday, today was almost lazy. The students training on the Spirit Rise and I trained our Healing Wave spell. 849 More Words

📓 Entry 3

Yesterday, I heard some noises behind a nearby tree. When I went to see what was all about, I saw this little kitten barely breathing, trying with all his forces to stay on this world... 144 More Words

Nothing could have prepared me for the inescapable stench that permeated the entirety of Grim Batol. The Dragonmaw have been breeding and raising red dragons within these underground halls since the early days of the Second War. 329 More Words

Some sort of "Adventure Company" has set up in the mountains. Goblins, but they don't look terribly adventurous to me. 297 More Words

📓 Tuesday

Today was mostly spent on physical training. We the students were paired and, armed with a thick green switch and our shields, sparred with one and other for nearly the entire day. 507 More Words

📓 A final step.

How is it that a hundred years of anticipation seem to have passed by faster than this week? My studies of the ways of the Hunter are complete; and now I can begin to apply what I have learned, at long last. 226 More Words

Journal Entry One: In but under a week, I can finally begin my journey down the Druidic path. Centuries of study, finally paying off in this beautiful moment. 201 More Words

📓 Monday

Sweat curled through the fur on my back as I twisted, planting my hooves firmly, rooting myself in the earth, and bringing my hands together. I mumbled the words & electricity crackled between my fingers. 1063 More Words

August - The month of august is the last month of summer, and according to legend, it was proclaimed by Queen Aofia of Lordaeron in -237 to be ‘the most august of months’ and so, ever after, the month was simply referred to as ‘August’. First colloquially, and over time formally. 2 More Words

The Barrens is one of the most fitting names for this place. There is almost no water in sight for acres upon acres of dry desert land. 311 More Words

The Wetlands. Never has a name so accurately described a location, in all of its aspects; the grounds is wet, the sky is wet, the beasts are wet, and despite all of my best efforts, my feet are wet. 358 More Words

📓 Loch Modan

I decided the best way to get back to Elywnn was by boat from Menethil Harbor. I was sure there had to be a merchant or two, willing to give a mage a ride. 115 More Words

📓 Entry 2

Something big is coming. I saw the deputy this morning, he was asking in the name of the kingdom for all our spare goods... 128 More Words

📓 At roadside.

There are two ways we could go, and here I sit by the side of the Gold Road, unsure of which would do us any good. Stonetalon lies to the west, and I can see the beautiful mountains from here. 632 More Words

📓 Wild Stories

In the past week, I've heard some incredibly wild stories about the Night Elf wardens. Chasing demon-elf hybrids; interweaving magic and martial prowess seamlessly; they are just a bunch of women; they are isolationists. 96 More Words

I want someone to know about our village in case I can't make it to Stormwind, so let me write this down. The Brotherhood has been through the village before, usually demanding "taxes" for our safety since there's no king to collect for any more. 229 More Words

📓 Preface

“Peppenise Magellan Lightfuse! What did I say about spell-tinkering? 313 More Words

"I'm sure I don't need to tell you about how loyal these ones are." Agami tossed the fish upwards, pushing Zebei to jump up and snap it up in his beak. 2404 More Words

The memories chilled him to the bone. The hazy green air around him, the snarls and gnashing of cannibalistic teeth on the bones of dead friends. 373 More Words

📓 Heritage

Darkness calms the night of the red sanded Durotar. Upon the mountainside far and away from the likes of Razor Hill, a large pyre of flame pierces through the shroud of darkness and boisterous drumming fills the air. 331 More Words

📓 Entry 1

Maybe this new journal will help me to ease these cold nights, as they are getting longer and longer. I just returned from Stormwind, bought some liquor and a new shovel!. 62 More Words

📓 Hot and heavy.

It was so hot today- and I've always told everyone how much I enjoy the heat. I blame Skomag- his sorcery went deeper than I gave him credit for. 1136 More Words

This was the last entry of the journal. The wet ink glowed faintly in shades of dark, otherworldly purple, denoting not only the fact that it had been written rather recently, but also the fey nature of the text. 191 More Words

They say your path chooses you. I never quite understood what that meant. 417 More Words

The day when the elder allows me to take the initiation rites into the Great Hunt approaches. I am ready, there is nothing else for me to learn here.

All of my previous existence was devoted to the divine powers of the holy light...the Clerics of Northshire gave me everything I could ever ask for: food, water, shelter, and purpose. 212 More Words

📓 Far Watch Post

I didn't get to spend much time with Nakk in the Crossroads yesterday, but what little time I did get was marvellous. She explained first and foremost that I have to be gruff in Durotar. 305 More Words

He fell upon me first. There's no excuse for it, I simply wasn't diligent. 832 More Words

Most of the page is ripped out, only a few words remainRage with mother crept up on me today. Idon't wish this on her. 16 More Words

My mother named me Oaken Longhide. But I am known as Fluffball. 81 More Words

Soft cries in the background. Malwai gently pats Ahwa on his back. 402 More Words

A single piece of jagged parchment which looked to be ripped from a book, ink scribbles descend down its breadth.Why did I languish these parts? 267 More Words

The putrid rotting flesh. The grimacing snaggletoothed faces. 153 More Words

The road from me beloved home of Thelsamar to Ironforge has been rough on me feet, the snow has left me socks wet as these cheap mail boots don't do well in snow..The crisp cold hair has nearly frozen me beard, and my nose has been running like a fox after a rabbit! 155 More Words

If only Promise were here, he'd know what to do. He was a more traditional sort of sorcerer, I think, even if he was a stranger orc than most. 306 More Words

A loud crashing sound as the cart banged across a ditch woke me up. I had dreamed about those damnable trolls again. 442 More Words

📓 Those Fools

They thought they had killed me off. That group of bandits just waltzed into my house and beat me until I blacked out. 28 More Words

This morning before my trip down to the Ironforge copper mine, a courier approached me with a letter from Northshire Abby. It states, that the human kingdom is in need of assistance of all able bodied humans born in and around Elywnn Forest. 40 More Words

What a blur this has been. I met a wonderful, beautiful orc on the road from Camp Taurajo and she joined me for my travels. 377 More Words

As night fell upon Teldrassil, Kai'mara placed her whetstone back on the table of her public house, and sheathed her blade. Emboldened with resolve, she strode out into the night. 1601 More Words

I almost can't believe we were followed. Did they not notice how big the sea was? 432 More Words

📓 These urges...

It was my life long dream... to be a surgeon and help the sick. 36 More Words

📓 Hungry

It's dark, I can't see anything like I'm in some sort of box. I feel super stiff like I haven't moved in weeks and I'm starving. 5 More Words

Fidgety.That's the only way I can describe it. 118 More Words

Waking up with a headache that could kill , I was unable to remember my past, as I stood still.All I could remember was a potion, set in motion, for a creation of temptation to grant the power I desire. 168 More Words

Korghan once again fixed the rawhide ties that kept the flap of his door closed, struggling as wind buffeted it all around him, spraying him with rainwater that was coming down in droves. Once the flap was sealed once more, he swore to himself and trudged back to his bedroll and table. 626 More Words

Master Professor Jerde is finally starting to appreciate me... I think. 39 More Words

📓 The Dream

I am Now. What chases after me but a song, an emerald dream. 90 More Words

Kai'mara peered out at the skies above her, arcing her head out of the ship's cabin. The piercing, burning streaks of violet alerted her towards the presence of the sun, so she resolved to shelter herself beneath her parasol. 2143 More Words

📓 Oct 14th 2019

Still awaiting for the laws to be lifted so that I may begin my adventure. Time seems to stand still as I stare at the grandfather clock in the Great Taverns of Ironforge. 27 More Words

I traveled threw most of the night. I made it to Camp Taur'ajo despite the large and danjerus thunder lizards just past our great gate. 182 More Words

I have departed, overwrought with anticipation as Southshore slowly faded into the ocean mists...As my initiation into the Silver Hand has completed, my sense of accomplishment tempered by my desire to have my mother and father present to witness it. 81 More Words

📓 01

This is an entry in Kiara's diary dated to the 30th of August, year 25. Tomorrow marks the passing of twenty years since the Second War, and instead of celebrating I am here at my desk. 140 More Words

📓 So far, so good.

She told me her name, but repeating it is another story. It's a pretty tangle of "sss" and "zzz" that I'm relieved I didn't need when we fought together on the other side of the sea. 468 More Words

My geology research has been going great. Woke up early today to go down into the mines with Master Professor.

I stay here sitting at the base of the smaller cliff sides overlooking to my future area of exploration; The Barrens. I am currently torn however as if going there in the immediate future would add extra burden to many of the creatures here in Mulgore. 229 More Words

To dream is to peer into a water's reflection, and to drown within an intangible refraction. The blind see through the light. 1882 More Words

This is the werst day of my life. I can’t belive my own mother talked to me that way. 115 More Words

📓 #1 - Exile

The elven woman immersed her gnarled hands into the moonwell, and closed her eyes. Strumming the waters was an all-too familiar act, one that returned her to a muted version of ineffable histories, holding back a flood that had overtaken her many, many times. 498 More Words