Code of Conduct & Rules is here for the Wow Classic community of RP-PVP realm Grobbulus, and is intended as a space for all realm players to use. This website was designed to cater to the needs of Grobbulus’ unique community and exists as a tool to enhance the player’s experience alongside World of Warcraft Classic. We strive to foster a positive community where users feel encouraged to make connections, share their content, and let their creativity flourish.

As such, there are certain rules set in place to allow all users to feel welcomed and comfortable. Violating these rules may result in a suspension or ban of the account depending on the violation.

  1. Content Relevancy. Unless otherwise stated in specific sections of the website, content must be related to World of Warcraft Classic and the Grobbulus RP-PVP realm. This includes character profiles, news entries, journals entries, and guild listings.
  2. Be Respectful. Users are expected to act with courtesy and civility towards other users on the website. A user may not harass, stalk, demean, abuse, or attack another user. Do not engage in hate speech, gate-keeping, or general harassment of other users.
  3. No Discrimination. Do not discriminate or practice hate-speech against other users for their: race, gender, gender identity, sexuality, or religion. Harassing a user or distributing inflammatory content about any of the above will result in a ban. is open to all users of any race, gender, or creed.
  4. No Spamming. Do not engage in 'spamming' the websites with multiple posts in a row, post excessive jibberish, send duplicate messages, or intentionally post content in the incorrect location.
  5. No Illegal or Immoral Content. Users are prohibited from discussing or attempting to solicit activities that are illegal under local, national, and international law. Such topics include anything to do with the dark web, soliciting sexual services, illegal drug use, doxxing (revealing people's real world identities), software piracy, etc. Although users may roleplay out illegal activities with their characters that may violate Azeroth laws, such as murder or war crimes, any and all RP involving minors in inappropriate situations is strictly prohibited.
  6. No Cheating. Advertising, linking to, or giving tips on how to cheat within World of Warcraft is not permitted. The same applies to promoting services that are against the Blizzard End User License Agreement.
  7. No Malicious Activity. Do not attempt to exploit or harm the website or other website users in any way.
  8. Advertisements. Do not advertise. This includes products, services, offers, websites, resources, etc. If you would like to have your community content listed on the community resource section, please contact us using the contact link below.
  9. Adult Content People of all ages play World of Warcraft Classic. The website does not currently have a way to flag adult content. As such, keep all submissions family friendly. Do not submit erotic content or gore, written and visual.
  10. If in our judgement you are disrupting the community in any way, we may suspend or ban your account depending on the violation.

    You can contact us here.